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— We Have A Visitor
Galleri Mejan, Stockholm

Video, sound and print installations, (projector, flat screen TV, media players, carpet, screen print, digital print, free standing MDF wall).

Some rooms generate a sense of uncertainty and anxiety. Some rooms confuse the physical and the psychical world. Some rooms have a profound effect on its visitor. Some rooms build up a great suspense. Some rooms are conscious. Some rooms evoke spirits.

Some rooms and interiors tell stories about us and to us in the absence of others; they talk about the passing of time, they deal with feelings and fears of being alone with oneself, and perhaps even of dying.

  (Installation shot)
The Room Responded With A Resounding Silence / Room Study (Body), 2013
Room Study (Possession), 2013 / The Room Responded With A Resounding Silence, 2013
Room Study (Possession), 2013


Could Not Possibly Be Explained By Normal Means, 2013